Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Fred Thompson Polling Well With Non-Voters

WASHINGTON D.C. (NB) - Days after officially entering the Republican race for President, a new poll shows former Senator Fred Thompson is receiving high favorability numbers among people who definitely don't give a damn about voting.

Thompson, who enters the race months after other Presidential candidates, declared his candidacy while sitting on the couch of The Tonight Show. "You know, I guess I'll give running a Presidential campaign a shot...Boy, this couch is comfortable, is this pleather?" Thompson asked Jay Leno.

Thompson, who made his announcement on the same night of a Republican debate in New Hampshire, briefly discussed his feelings towards debating. Thompson explained, "Jay, to be honest, the whole debating part of the campaign really doesn't interest me. The fundraising events are pretty dope though because they serve free food and I can nap beforehand." As Jay Leno announced a commercial break, Thompson crawled into the fetal position to take a power nap before the next guest was introduced.

Polls show Thompson's appeal as an everyday American resonates with people too lazy to make concrete decisions. "Dude, Fred Thomas is the man. He understands that my day is filled with choices like is Myspace better than Facebook or should I buy the Kanye West album or 50 Cent album released this week. Obviously, I am a busy guy and I don't have time to vote, but if I did, I feel Frank Thompson's inability to really know what he wants resonates with my generation," stated someone too old to be spending his afternoon in Best Buy playing a Nintendo Wii.

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