Wednesday, September 5, 2007

African Colberican: Stephen Colbert's First Black Friend

Below is an excerpt from Jackie Burnett's upcoming book, "African Colberican: My Life as Stephen Colbert's First Black Friend":

"Stephen Colbert claims that he can't see race, but as Stephen's first black friend, I know his claim is false. For example, why does his ice cream, Stephen Colbert's Americone Dream, not contain any chocolate ice cream? Colbert can't see race, but he just happened to come out with a new version of vanilla ice cream? I don't buy it. Sure, it has a fudge swirl, but it's common knowledge that Stephen loves mulattos."

Jackie Burnett has known Stephen Colbert since their childhood days in South Carolina. Jackie became Stephen's first black friend when they were cast in a school play together. In the play, 'A Bear who Dared to Care', Jackie played the role of a bear and Stephen played the role of a lamb, which obviously symbolized Jesus. His new book, 'African Colberican' will be released by Noah Lot More Publishing in Fall 2008. He still resides in Charleston, South Carolina.


Alex said...

Is that a disgruntled Yahoo Avatar? Good show, old chap.

Adam said...

Its not a yahoo avatar it is obviously a Mii on the Nintendo Wii