Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Ahmadinejad Kicks Off Comedy Tour

NEW YORK (NB) - Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad kicked off the fall leg of his 2007 comedy tour this week in New York. The tour known as Mahmoud: Rude Dude of Nukes is expected to attract significant attention at every tour destination.

Ahmadinejad opened with a show at Columbia University in New York. Predictably, he relied on the familiar material that earned him his reputation as a cross between Dane Cook and Adolf Hitler. The beginning of his set was centered around his well known routine 'Israel is Making me Miserable'. In his famous routine, Ahmadinejad neurotically kvetches about how a state so small could make him so meshuggenah. As the night went on, Ahmadinejad worked his way through other classics such as 'Jew's on First' and 'Black People vs. Niggas vs. Jewish People'.

Like many comics, Ahmadinejad used the performance to test new material on the crowd. His new material was met with a mix of laughter and boos from the Columbia audience. In particular, one new segment drew a significant crowd reaction. After performing a Jon Stewart like impersonation of President Bush, Ahmadinejad stated, "What is the difference between the Holocaust, an Iranian homosexual, and Haley's Comet?...Only Haley's Comet happened in the last 100 years!" Following a mixed reaction from the crowd, Ahmadinejad adapted George Carlin's 'The Seven Words You Can't Say on TV' for the Columbia audience. Ahmadinejad's version, 'The 17,000 Words You Can't Say in Iran' brought the crowd into a fit of laughter as he concluded his set.

Recognizing Ahmadinejad's ability to draw a crowd, Lions Gate Films has cast Ahmadinejad in the sequel to their new movie Good Luck Chuck. Ahmadinejad will replace Dane Cook as the lead in the upcoming film. Good Mood Mahmoud is expected to be released in the fall of 2009.


Anonymous said...

That was freakin hilarious. Do you think he'd do SNL with Andy Samberg?

Noah said...
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Noah said...

Thanks for the positive feedback! I think Ahmadinejad would be willing to do SNL with Andy Samberg, but only if he could be cast in a digital short called 'Lazy Sunniday'.


By the way, despite Iran being mostly Shi'a, this is the only Islam related Andy Samberg pun I could conjure up.

Sharada said...

I loved this Ahmadinejad piece- it was hysterical!