Monday, August 6, 2007

Comedy Central: We Thought Mencia Was Horatio Sanz

(AP) - In an attempt to clear up years of confusion, Comedy Central has published an official press release in to explain its decision to air the series Mind of Mencia. According to Comedy Central's Executive Vice President Tony Fox, the series has been on television simply because Comedy Central mistook Carlos Mencia for a svelte Horatio Sanz.

"At Comedy Central, it has come to our recent attention that we have made a huge mistake. We were very surprised to learn that Mind of Mencia does not star a sort of trim Horatio Sanz. Truthfully, we had never watched this show, but signed a contract with the assumption that Horatio Sanz would be a Latin Chris Farley. Sadly, we were wrong on many counts. After sitting through another Mind of Mencia commerical featuring midgets and Carlos Mencia in drag, we have realized our error and apologize to our viewers," said Fox.

Comedy Central will attempt to fill the time slot occupied by Mind of Mencia with unreleased footage of Dave Chappelle shopping for groceries. This footage, which will be narrated by Charlie Murphy, is believed to feature Chappelle repulsed to find out that Count Chocula is a pale, caucasian vampire.

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LearningFromMistakes said...

Ahh...the classic Arbuckle Paradox: fat does not always equal funny.