Monday, January 7, 2008

Voter Fraud Suspected in Iowa, Black Vote Still Missing

By Bryan Bissell & Noah Berkowitz

DES MOINES, IOWA (NB) - Following a detailed evaluation of the results of Thursday's Iowa caucuses, it is now suspected that voter fraud may have occurred. Despite the fact the results have been counted multiple times, the vote from Roger Taylor, the African-American that lives in Iowa, is still unaccounted for.

After a disappointing finish in Iowa, Mitt Romney has asked for an investigation into voter fraud in Iowa. Romney who described his loss in Iowa as the result of the first inning of a fifty inning game, expressed his concern regarding voted fraud with another inept baseball analogy. "Although this might bite me in the ass the next time I run for office, I am completely opposed to voter fraud and this allegation must be investigated thoroughly. We must investigate this issue the same way replay officials examine a coach's challenge when a double-play is hit for a grand slam," stated Romney.

While the State of Iowa determines whether or not to evaluate the alleged voter fraud, various community members have come forward with their own explanation of why a vote from Roger Taylor, Iowa's black person, could still be absent from the caucus results. Said Iowa resident Charles Collins, "Dude, I think Roger is on vacation. I mean it's fucking cold during an Iowa January. Also, it's fucking Iowa, people move here just to appreciate their vacations more."

As the media continues to investigate voter fraud in Iowa, some credit must be given to the vacation theory. After all, the Iowa license plate reads: Dude, it's fucking Iowa.

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