Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Confessions of a Doctor

Confessions of a Doctor by Irv Levine, M.D.

The most hilarious part of the Hippocratic Oath is the section that declares: To avoid attempting to do things that other specialists can do better. I don't know much about Hippocrates because I didn't specialize in Classics, but I bet this guy wrote some great comedies back in his day.

This is a ridiculous statement that denies my talent and education. Do you think I go to the veterinarian when my dog is sick or the pediatrician when that midget with my face is sneezing? If I can save a human life, I can save the life of a dog or even the life of a midget.

Dr. Levine is an egomaniacal radiologist who has as much contempt for the Hippocratic Oath as he does you. He resides in Scottsdale, Arizona. He is better than you.

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