Wednesday, May 14, 2008

John Edwards to Endorse NY Giants in Last Super Bowl

GRAND RAPIDS, MI (NB) – In a bold statement today, John Edwards has declared he will throw his support behind the New York Giants instead of the New England Patriots in last year’s Super Bowl. Many Americans have been waiting on the former Presidential candidate to make an endorsement of last January’s Super Bowl, but Edwards announced today that he knew in his gut, the timing was right to make a decision.

“For months, I’ve anguished over the difficult dilemma of picking a team to support in the previous Super Bowl. On one hand, the New England Patriots were undefeated going into the Super Bowl, so it’s hard not to back a team with that kind of record. At the same time, the New York Giants won the Super Bowl, so it should seem kind of obvious, but let’s be honest…No one likes Eli Manning,” said an impassioned Edwards. Edwards strongly denied that his endorsement had anything to do with the fact that the New York Giants already won the Super Bowl months ago.

A spokesperson for Edwards noted Edwards’ difficulty in making a decision was directly related to his own campaign theme of two, distinct Americas. Spokeswoman Jennifer Trudeau stated, “Senator Edwards knows the country is deeply divided in their support of opposing campaigns to win the Super Bowl, which means there are definitely two Americas. Therefore, he still matters, right? No that wasn't a rhetorical question...John Edwards still matters, right?”

In related news, Senator Edwards announced a stream of endorsements this week. Included in those endorsements is his support of Kelly Clarkson over Justin Guarini in the 2002 season of American Idol and Senator Barack Obama over Senator Hillary Clinton as the Democratic Party’s nominee for President of the United States.

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Dean said...

In early 2009 Edwards will endorse the Mets during the May 2008 Subway Series against the Yankees at Yankee Stadium.

What a genious.