Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Terry McAuliffe Praises Hillary's Acceptance Speech

(NB) - Following Tuesday night's speech by Hillary Clinton at the Democratic National Convention, former Clinton Campaign Chairman Terry McAuliffe praised Clinton's speech as the greatest acceptance speech ever given by a Presidential nominee.

Although Barack Obama is scheduled to accept the nomination as the Democratic Presidential Nominee on Thursday, August 28, McAuliffe did not hesitate to praise Clinton as the party's nominee. "Hillary Clinton tonight showed why she will make the greatest Commander-in-Chief the United States has ever elected. As the candidate with the most votes, most gold medals at this year's Olympics, and the nation's first black candidate, Hillary Clinton showed why she is ready to be the Prime Minister of North America," said an enthusiastic McAuliffe.

As McAuliffe went from news network to news network praising Clinton's speech as the "greatest, most awesomest, totally best-ever speech by a Presidential nominee", CNN's Wolf Blitzer pointed out to McAuliffe that Obama, not Clinton, won the Democratic Presidential nomination. As Blitzer attempted to point out the actual results of the Democratic primary race, a passionate McAuliffe interrupted, "Wolf, neither the American people or I have no idea what you are talking about. I would have expected the team at CNN to make up a more believable name than Barack Obama, but your tactics are nothing compared to the type of hard hitting spin machine the Republicans will throw at Hillary Clinton this November."

After McAuliffe claimed that Clinton was a lock for an Oscar win for her role as The Joker in The Dark Knight, CNN abruptly cut the interview to allow correspondent John King to unveil new technology that enables King to have an interactive touch-map of Anderson Cooper's hair.

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