Monday, March 31, 2008

Hiatus Update

As of now, this website is no longer being updated four times a week. I've been working on writing in a different format, which means I have less time to devote to Noah Lot More. This website will most likely have entries in the future, but they will be sporadic.

For my latest post, please check out How to Diagnose Obama Fever

I appreciate the positive words that people have shared throughout the time this site has been around.

I encourage you to check out my work at 23/6, the Huffington Post's Comedy Site. You can find my work here: Noah's Contributions to 23/6

You can also find pieces I've written for The Panelist, a site dedicated to making a profit in a socially responsible manner, at this link: Noah's Contributions to The Panelist

For a daily dose of satire, I recommend any of the following sites: The Onion, 23/6, Stuff White People Like, The Daily Show


1 comment:

Dean said...

Sorry you won't be around as much as you are.

But I do enjoy your posts on (a website favorite of mine).

Whatever you do, just keep writing.